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July 14, 2010 / fayafshar

Consider the Customer Journey

I received the following in the mail the other day from iinet:

iinet BoB advertisement

iinet BoB advertisement

It does catch you attention i must admit, as you try to figure out what word is missing from all the blank spaces. But with obvious clues such as “Sponge….” and “…Dylan”, it’s clear the missing word is Bob.

opening the iinet BoB advertisement

opening the iinet BoB advertisement

After opening the advertisement, it’s obvious what iinet are trying to sell you, broadband. Just like all the other broadband provider.

The iinet BoB advertisement open

The iinet BoB advertisement open

But what makes iinet unique and different is that they have clearly considered their customer’s journey. That is, they have not just come up with a broadband deal to bombard potential customers with. They have taken this further by considering those customers which are currently locked in a contract with another ISP provider.

Below the 1300 number, they state:

Locked in with another provider? No sweat! Visit, enter your details and we’ll get in touch when you’re ready

This for me was great news, because the last thing i want to do is keep this advertisement on my coffee table for a few more months when my contract ends with my current provider. No one needs even more clutter.

I would be very keen to see the statistics for the notify page above, as i have a feeling they could be quite high.

Well done iinet, you have gone above and beyond what’s expected of a broadband provider, with this clever advertisement.

I will certainly be waiting for you to contact me.


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